Guide: Bibs 101 – Plastic? Cloth? Paper?

I remember feeling very confused when the infant care teacher rejected our plastic bibs saying ‘These are for older kids’. The purpose of this post is to shed some light on bibs.

Since Baby E was born, she has used a combination of cloth, plastic and paper bibs. It turns out that they serve different purposes.

Cloth (For approximately 3-14M): For teething purposes
Plastic(For 14M onwards): For toddlers who are already sitting up. These plastic bibs (particularly those with trays below) are especially useful in avoiding a mess.
Paper: Disposable bibs are useful when you are overseas or cannot carry those plastic bibs which are bulkier. Not something of choice for an environmental freak like me but I do use them at times when the conventional bib cannot fit into my bag.

The age indicated is a guide. For Baby E, her infant care wanted cloth bibs only. When she got into childcare, the centre refused to accept bibs at all so for a while there was quite a mess. We talked to the teacher and magically she stopped coming back with food stains on her shirt. We still have no idea what they did but we’re happy parents here. At home we still use plastic bibs with trays at the bottom. We started out with Tommee Tippee silicone bibs but the food kept slipping down the gap between her bib and her shirt so we switch to this bib that we got on Qoo10. That bib has a layer of cloth at the back and plastic front and a tray at the bottom. Works magically.

Just a quick post to tell the new parents out there not to overstock on cloth bibs like we did.. Baby E eventually grew out and there was quite a headache figuring out what to do with those new bibs.


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