Entertainment Review: Jurong East Swimming Complex @ Jurong East Street 31

Jurong East Swimming Complex was opened back in year 2000. I recall back in the days when the hubs and I were dating, we used to go to the pool and laze in the lazy river and then after a day of “exercise”, we’d go to the KFC at the pool entrance and have a meal. On Saturday, while searching for a swimming pool with slides for kids, we decided to bring the kid to this one to reminisce, and really regretted it.

As you can see, the pool is almost 17 years old!
Slides at Jurong East Swimming Pool. You can rent a float to slide down.

At first glance, it still looks like how it was in the past, and we were pretty excited until we got to the toilets and locker area. As a mother with Obsessive Compulsory Disorder (OCD), I recoiled at how dirty the place was. Am not sure if it was because of the long weekend, but the place was filthy. One toilet stall in the girls shower area near the entrance had golden brown liquid poop all over the toilet and floor and the stench was really strong just walking past. And there were clumps of hair ALL OVER THE PLACE. The locker area reeked of shoes and needed ventilation. My stomach still churns just recalling the condition of the place.

The filthy and smelly locker area that caused the hubs to gag repeatedly while he was there.


Now a review of the play areas:

The Lazy River
We escaped to the lazy river after dipping our toes in the freezing cold water at the kids play area. It was very crowded with a lot of gigantic floats in there and the water was warm. We managed to float two rounds hugging the kid without drawing attention of the lifeguards. The water was rather dirty with things floating past our legs every now and then. I hope they were leaves. =x

We then went to the wave pool and then back here, but the kid was going on and on about her float so we went to get her float from the lockers. We managed to go one round in the lazy river with her in her bright orange float before being ordered out by the lifeguards. The lazy river board indicated that children under 6 need to be accompanied by an adult and there was no minimum age guidelines but we were told to get out of the pool and we did. So if you’re bringing your toddler there, stash your bright baby floats away. Of course, I’m sure the lifeguards were worried about Baby E’s safety since we had to practise ‘defensive swimming’ where we dodged large floats and float pileups while in the lazy river.

The Wave Pool
We came to the wave pool after two rounds in the lazy river. There was no wave throughout the time we were there so they might have shut the wave mechanism down. Again, we were able to stay in there for awhile but once Baby E’s bright orange float appeared, we were ordered out (which was why we went to the lazy river the second time). The hubs reported that the water was really salty at this pool. I try not to think about why it’s so salty.  The water in this pool wasn’t too clean either… I spotted a dead wasp about 1 inch in length floating around.

Kids Play area 
There are two areas for the kids to play at: A mushroom structure near the large slides, and another larger structure as seen below. The water was fr-fr-freezing! It’s amazing how Baby E still ran in… and not so amazing when we had to chase after her. This play area is relatively cleaner. There were no slides, but the toddler could run up and down the structure and it wasn’t too big for her despite her being only 83cm tall.

The kids play area, which is decent. Baby E enjoyed herself here, but the water was freezing cold probably because it doesn’t get the sun at all.

Despite the adults shower area being absolutely filthy, the children shower area was slightly better (Thank goodness). So I guess that was the saving grace. But yup, we’ll never be back here again. The place needs some serious maintenance. Jurong West swimming complex is so much better and cleaner!

Rating: 1/5 (5 being “definitely should visit”)


Nevertheless, some details for you in case you would still like to visit:
Entrance fee: Weekends $2 per adult and $1 per child above 1 year old; Weekdays $1.50 per adult and $0.80 per child above 1 year old
How to get there: Take train to Chinese Garden MRT, turn right when exiting from gantry and walk to Jurong East Street 31


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