Stage 4 Milk Powder Comparison

This is a continuation of my previous post, which compared Stage 3 milk powder of major brands. In this post, I publish my comparison of Stage 4 formula milk of the following brands: Similac Gain Kid 4, Enfagrow A+ Stage 4, Nan Kid 4, S26 Promise Gold, Friso Gold Stage 4, Aptamil Junior Gold+ Stage 4, Mamil Gold Stage 4 and Dugro Step 4. I did this comparison along with Stage 3’s because Baby E will move on to Stage 4 milk powder next year. Hence it makes sense to endure the pain of collating and converting data all at one shot.

To recap, the follow are the nutritional needs of our kids:

Nutritional details
Nutritional needs of babies and children

I followed the same methodology as the Stage 3 milk powder comparison, and came out with the following comparison table:

Milk powder comparison stage 4
Stage 4 Milk Powder Comparison

Again, blue shaded cells indicate the highest value among the brands, and red shaded cells indicate the lowest.

Price comparison as below, prices obtained from Redmart and NTUC online on 19 June 2017:

Stage 4 powder prices
Prices of Stage 4 Milk

Which formula milk is best?

Again, the conclusion is similar to that of Stage 3 milk powder comparison. But the following are some additional points:

  1. For Stage 4, it’s harder to spot a clear winner among the brands. Here, Aptamil and S26 seem to check more boxes, but Similac’s calcium levels are actually better than its Stage 3 powder.
  2. For us, we might actually opt for Aptamil or Mamil due to its calcium and DHA levels.

And that concludes my insane exercise of comparing milk powder. Probably the most numbers involved ever on this blog!

Again, disclaimers,

  1. This is a non-sponsored personal study of mine. Every care has been taken when converting the numbers but if you should spot any discrepancy, please highlight to me and I’ll rectify that.
  2. This post is not to direct you towards whatever brand, but just a handy guide comparing the milk powder brands because I’ve been unable to find any such comparisons out there.
  3. Please credit me if you should decide to take my tables to use on your website. It took a lot of time to collate information and convert figures and I decided to publish this for the good of parents and babies out there. Some love is appreciated!

To view Stage 3 formula milk powder comparison of Similac Gain IQ Stage 3, Enfagrow A+ Stage 3, Nan Kid 4, S26 Progress Gold, Friso Gold Stage 3, Aptamil Toddler Gold+ Stage 3, Mamil Gold Stage 3 and Dugro Step 3, please refer to the Stage 3 comparison post.



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