Adding Bellamy Organic 12m+ into Milk Power Comparison

Remember the Stage 3 and Stage 4 milk powder comparisons that I did previously? A fellow mama asked about Bellamy and very kindly provided a photo of the nutritional facts so here’s how it compares with the rest of the Stage 3 formula milk brands:

Stage 3 milk powder comparison with bellamy

And how good is Bellamy compared to other stage 4 milk powders? As below:

Stage 4 milk powder comparison with bellamy

It seems to me that in terms of nutritional fact, Bellamy’s Organic 12m+ is average compared to the rest. However, I guess its selling point is that it’s an organic milk powder and some parents feel safer using them.

On another note, we are finally on our last huge tin of Similac and need to start sourcing for milk powder. Nestle sent us 3 sachets of Nan OptiGro so I think we’ll try those out. But we’re actually inclined to move our 2++ year old to Dugro Step 4 when she turns 3. The more I look at it, the more the decision makes sense because Dugro Step 4 actually doesn’t pale in comparison to the rest of the brands despite its price. Calcium wise, it’s comparable to Similac and it has more DHA, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium than Similac. It’s lower in Vitamin A, C and D but Baby E is eating lots of carrots, vitamin C supplement, and getting sunlight daily. It has slightly lesser Vitamin E and zinc but not that much lesser to justify paying double the price for Similac. We’re still mulling over this but will likely get some Dugro to try in due time… in any case, our philosophy is that the kid is supposed to be getting most of her nutrients from solid food anyway so formula milk really shouldn’t make that huge a difference.


For more information on methodology of comparing the milk powders and nutrition that babies and toddler need, please refer to the following posts:

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