The Fragility of Life

Was at SGH to visit my close friend’s mum when I walked the wrong way and got to the maternity wards on the same floor instead. It was a joy to see newborn babies and it reminded me of our joy 2+ years ago. However, it was also a stark contrast to what I saw when I got to the correct ward later on. I couldn’t help but cry when I saw my friend’s mum on the hospital bed. I just saw her a year ago at my friend’s wedding and she was perfectly healthy. Such is the fragility of life. It didn’t help that there were other patients around her who also looked frail and helpless.

Watching my friend tend to her mum, I couldn’t help but feel thankful that she has two other siblings to rely on and discuss things. At the same time, I felt a sense of despair because Baby E is likely going to remain an only child, and I don’t want her to feel helpless when the hubs and I grow old and fall ill. The experience was sobering and it made all the unhappiness about office politics and lousy bosses seem so trivial. Really, health is the most important thing of all and all else is secondary. So I pray for many years of good health for my parents and family members, and for us to lead lives of awareness for the more important things in life. At the same time, I hope for a miracle for my friend’s mum, so that she can have more time with her loved ones.


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