Review: Splash @ KidsAmaze (Safra Punggol)

We visited Splash@KidsAmaze over the long weekend and felt a little underwhelmed by it. The place was rather small and it was really just a playground on water. It was also especially crowded because our visit coincided with a promotion of theirs. That said, the little one was delighted by it and spent the next 1.5 hours going down the slides about 30 times. Kudos to the hubs for chasing after the kid for 1.5 hours. I felt zonked out just watching from the benches.

Entrance of Splash@KidsAmaze Punggol

What we liked about the place: 
1. Hot water showers: They have hot water in the shower and shower foam as well.
2. Stroller parking areas: Afraid of losing your stroller or getting it wet in the shower room? Fret not! They have stroller parking area in the facility, just turn left after you get past the ticket stiles. It’s a small stroller parking area that looks like it can accommodate at most 6 strollers though.
3. Bright attractive colors: The kids love the bright colors and built in water guns. Every kid I observed had goofy grins on their faces as they tackled the structures in the water. There were at least 4 slides there, 2 bigger ones that had height limit of 120cm (which were not enforced very strictly because the hubs could slide down with the little one) and 2 smaller ones for the little kids.
4. Safety marshals at the 2 smaller slides: They had marshals there to ensure that kids don’t slide onto one another, which we appreciated.

Spot the safety marshal! 

What we disliked about the place: 
1. Small changing area: You know how public pools have this really long bench where you can change the kid on? The changing area of Splash@KidsAmaze is really small and you will have to squeeze past the queue for the showers if you want to change your kid there. I didn’t see the bench initially so I ended up struggling with the kid in the toilet stall which felt a little disgusting. Well, at least the toilet stall was reasonably spacious enough.
2. Expensive lockers: Lockers cost $4 for a small one and $6 for a large one. Yikes.
3. Location: It’s at Safra Punggol, so for us it’s akin to travelling across the island to get here.

This area, plus the one in the picture before this, is the entire size of Splash@KidsAmaze

Conclusion: Worth a visit if you stay nearby or during periods of promotion because while it’s small, the kid enjoyed it so much that she refused to leave! We paid $8 for the kid + $2 for each of us because there was a promotion for Safra Members. You can see the normal price at the Splash@KidsAmaze website. We felt thankful that we didn’t opt for membership though, because it felt unlikely that we’d be making the trek to Punggol very often. (They do have other KidsAmaze playgrounds scattered around SG, just not water ones)

How to get there: Take train to Punggol MRT, then switch to LRT and take one stop to Sam Kee LRT Station. Cross the road to get to Safra Punggol.

Have fun!




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