Long Gang Fishing at Fish@Bugis+

We’ve been thinking of bringing our child to try long gang fishing for the longest time ever but were daunted by the fact that the places that offer long gang fishing are located quite a distance away from our home. We came across Fish@Bugis+ but did not go because reviews suggest that service was bad and that they did not allow more than one parent to enter the fishing area with the child. Fearing that it’ll be a marred experience if the husband and I were to bring our child there, we never went. Until recently…a friend and I were thinking of places to go for our children’s playdate, and we decided to visit Fish@Bugis+.


What we liked about the place:
1. It was easily accessible by train. Where else can you find a long gang fishing place not located in the wilderness?
2. There was a washing bay for us to clean off after fishing (of course, some soap would have been nice)
3. Souvenir for the kids who choose not to bring the fishes home: Makes it much easier to calm the crying kids down
4. Nice area in the middle of the pond for kids to stand on, enabling them to reach fishes who swim to the middle of the pond

What we disliked about the place:
1. Pricey! There was no weekday rate and it was a flat fee of $12 per child for 1 hour of fishing. I found that a tad pricey.
2. Quite a lot of dead guppies floating around and it was a little disgusting when the kids started scooping them out to put in their tank since those were easier to catch.
3. From the website, we thought that it was air-conditioned but that’s only for the adult prawning area. Kids long gang fishing area is outside and it got quite warm. Then again, any other long gang fishing place would be in the outdoors too.
4. The original person who promised our kids souvenir for not bringing the fishes home was away and the person who took over vehemently said ‘no souvenir’ until we insisted. So policies seem a bit inconsistent there.

Our kids enjoyed themselves regardless so it was quite a good visit! The service didn’t seem that bad but I suppose the fact that it was a quiet weekday helped.

The kid fishing barefooted!

Location of Fish@Bugis+:
Bugis+ 7th floor. Walk out of the lift and you’ll see them

$12 per child for 1 hour of fishing
$3 for a fish tank if you intend to bring fishes home
$1 for rental of fish tank if you have no intention to bring fishes home.

1. Bring a change of clothes and allow the kid to go barefoot in case your kid falls in, which was what one of our kids did.
2. Ask for fish tank rental if you do not want the fishes! There’s no indication that you can rent a tank so you’ll have to ask for it.
3. Go on a weekday because they are known to allow only 1 parent to enter the area with the child during peak period. That said, the long gang fishing area is in an open area so I cannot imagine how they police that policy. Chase people away?


*As usual, this is a non-sponsored review*

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