Guide: Toilet Training 101

So our kid was (day) toilet trained at about 2 years old and it has saved us a lot of diaper money. She still depends on diapers at night but in the day she is diaper free. How did we do it when she goes to childcare most of the time and they don’t toilet train until they are older?

Grandparents are the best ever

My mum toilet trained her. This is the story of how my mum toilet trained her… and I probably won’t have success because I don’t have patience for mopping up poop and pee every half an hour. Kudos to my mum, dad and siblings really.

What you will need: 
1. Potty: If you are not budget conscious, one in every room of your house. If you are budget conscious or don’t want to deal with multiple potties when he/she is trained, make do with one, and accept that you might be sprinting to it frequently initially… (good for losing the pregnancy weight haha)
2. Training pants: My parents trained Baby E without these but I use these in my house. They soak up the first round of pee and hold in the poop but makes it uncomfortable enough for the kid to remind him/her that he/she should be doing it in the potty. Lots of washing to do afterwards but at least there weren’t puddles of pee and poop everywhere.
3. Waterproof mat: To protect the sofa and beds during the times the kid sits on it without his/her diapers
4. Determination: Because this method involves some spanking after accidents (*heart pain*) and lots of cleaning up

And this is what my mum did:

The Guerilla Method

Duration: 3-5 days
Pre-requisite: Your kid needs to be able to communicate when he/she needs to pee/poop. ie. teach him/her to say pee pee or poo poo. Or you need to be able to tell when your kid needs to poop (like ours will have a funny expression on her face).
Procedure: Put potty in the living room, tell the kid that she is old enough to use the “big girl toilet”, and let her roam around without diapers. Remind her to use the potty every half hourly, slowly stretching it to an hour after a few days. Educate when she had accidents. Do this for 5 straight days.

Initially, Baby E had a lot of accidents because she was used to peeing whenever she felt like it. For the first few times, my mum took her aside and told her that she should use the potty and showed her the mess that she made on the floor. Subsequently, she got a spank on her butt for having accidents. It was heart breaking to have her cry the way she did but she magically learnt how to go to the potty when she needed to pee/poop. Of course, being a childcare kid, she relapsed when we sent her back to the childcare (likely because teachers were not free to attend to her requests to go to the toilet and she got used to peeing in her diapers again). It took a few cycles of training and discussions with the childcare teachers before she got fully toilet trained.

Our secret: The childcare teachers requested for pull up diapers because they were afraid of having to clean up accidents. While we obliged, we were afraid that would result in inertia to toilet train the kid. Hence we gave them… Pet Pet pull ups. Good enough to catch the accidents but may leak if you fully depend on them without using the toilet. Works like a charm!

And that’s our story of toilet training =D

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