List: Useful Tips and Hacks for Parents

A compilation of the interesting things I’ve found out since becoming a mum, to ward against my failing memory!

Compatibility among bottle brands: 

  1. Spectra bottles and Avent bottles have the same diameter. Hence my Avent bottles could be used to collect milk from my Spectra breast milk pump. Similarly, I could use Spectra’s bottle cap on Avent bottles without leakage. My Avent classic bottle cap could also fit Spectra bottle without having to insert the adapter ring (Avent users will know what I’m talking about).
  2. You can use pigeon teats and MaM teats in a Spectra bottle. So when our kid was rejecting all sorts of bottles, we were experimenting with various combinations, so that we didn’t have to buy the entire bottle set. Another reason why we experimented was because it was easier to feed the kid using the same bottle that milk was expressed into, rather than pour it into another bottle and having to wash two. A known incompatibility: NUK latex teats do NOT fit in Spectra bottles. It leaks big time.
  3. MaM teats do not fit in Pigeon bottles. The circumference of MaM teat is a little too big for Pigeon’s bottle ring so it doesn’t screw on well after that. Or it might be that the MaM teat is a little thicker at the bottom while the Pigeon bottle doesn’t have enough allowance for it. Either way, it doesn’t fit very well.
  4. Spectra pumps use the same equipment. So if your pump breaks down and you’re switching to another of the same brand (Eg. Spectra M1 to S1), you only have to buy the motor. Or if the set comes as a single pump and you have to buy extra tubings to make it into dual pump, you can just use your old ones.
  5. There is such a thing as narrow to wide neck adapter and vice versa. So there’s no need to toss away your bottles just because you switch from eg. Ameda pump (which is narrow neck) to eg. Spectra pump (which is wide neck). Just get an adapter and you’re good to go.
  6. Medela’s milk collection bottles have the same diameter as Ameda’s and they’re interchangeable when used to collect milk.
  7. Medela’s valves can be used in Spectra pumps even though they look very different. They’re more durable than Spectra’s white valves in my opinion.
  8. Ameda’s pump parts are totally different from Spectra’s. So I wasn’t able to get those two to work together.


Totally useless things to buy (in my opinion): 

  1. Blankets – Unsafe for infants.. and when they get older, they kick them off so there’s no point having these.
  2. Cot bumpers – SIDS risk… to think a lot of baby lists have them as essentials.
  3. Playpens – Ok this one I’m torn. Some parents swear by this but ours refused to stay in there.
  4. Nose cleaners – Never worked for us. The doctor seems really skilled at using it though.


Emergency situations when kids are involved: 

  1. If your kid has a poonami and dirtied his/her romper, roll it downwards instead. Don’t let your kid eat his/her own poop while you are pulling it off his/her head! The rompers can all be pulled downwards off their shoulder.
  2. If your kid soiled his/her diaper and you have no diaper on hand and don’t want the poop to leak out, tie a plastic bag at their bottoms to prevent leakage. <brilliant idea seen on a friend’s kid>
  3. If you dirtied your swaddle and have no more swaddle for your newborn, use long pants of a larger size as a swaddle. Just tuck your kid’s arms inside the pants.


There are more but I can’t remember them at the moment. Will build this list as and when the memories come back!

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