Guide: Travelling with the kid 101 – Pack list

After three posts that are numbers heavy, the next few posts will be on travelling, because yay we are going on a holiday! This is Baby E’s 4th overseas trip… and it gets easier in terms of the number of items we have to pack, but harder in terms of keeping her close to us because she’s so mobile now. So we’ve been to Taiwan (Taipei) when she was 16months old, Hong Kong when she was 23 months old and a Johor staycation when she was 27 months old. The following are items that we have had to bring along for her trips:

For diapering:
1. Diapers
2. Wet wipes
3. Diaper rash cream

For showering etc:
4. Yu Yee Oil
5. Baby towel
6. Small stool (yes we lugged a stool and a tiny pail all the way to Taiwan during that first trip)
7. Shower gel and shampoo
8. Toothbrush and toothpaste
9. Wash cloths
10. Comb and rubber band for hair tying

11. Jackets
12. Long sleeve shirts
13. Long pants and tights
14. Rompers/ T shirts
15. Socks
16. Undies/ Training pants (now that she’s toilet trained, she uses these in the day)

For bed time:
17. Swaddle cloth to serve as blanket
18. Books for her bed time stories

For feeding:
19. Milk powder (Not necessary if totally breastfed!)
20. Milk bottles
21. Hot water flask
22. Baby accessories detergent
23. Sponge, bottle brush and straw brush
24. Baby water bottle
25. Baby cutlery set and food scissors
26. Bibs
27. Small servings of snacks such as dried apricots, biscuits etc

For entertainment
28. Stickers (works wonders!)
29. Small bag of toys

For outdoor usage:
30. Baby sunglasses
31. Hat
32. Sunblock
33. Insect repellent and repellent patches
34. Umbrella
35. Poncho

If swimming:
36. Swimsuit
37. swim diaper (if not toilet trained)
38. Flotation device (in our case we use a swim ring)

39. Basic medication for the kid such as cough syrup, runny nose medication, panadol syrup and diarrhoea medication.
40. Thermometer!

So we almost brought our entire home! During that first trip, we decided that we wanted to cook for Baby E and even packed knives and food grater. We eventually gave up and just fed her whatever we were eating (of course we opted for healthier options) and it made things much easier.

This is our first major trip after she became toilet trained so it’s a relief that the diapers will not take up half our luggage space. No more stool and pails too so we can ALMOST pretend that we’re bringing a young adult overseas. Milk bottles are still a drag though…

How about you? Are there things that you think are needed but not included in this list?

Update 21 Jul 2017: Added thermometer to the list because we found that we really needed that during our Taiwan trip when the kid had a fever.


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