Taiwan Holiday with the Toddler [Pre-holiday post]

We’re going on a long holiday with the toddler! The longest we’ve ever been out travelling with Baby E was a 5 day 4 night trip when she was 16 months old, and we stayed in the hotel on the last day because we were so tired travelling with the kid. She was squirmy and extremely mobile, running off at any opportunity. I wonder how we will fare this time round!

These are the places that we will be going to in Taiwan:

Taichung (1N) -> Cing Jing (2N) -> Taichung (1N) -> Tainan (2N) -> Yilan (3N) 

As you can see, it is an insane lot of travelling! And this is how we intend to get that done:

  1. Taipei Taoyuan Airport to Taichung Gancheng Bus Station: via airport bus [about 2 hours journey, NT300 per adult]
  2. Taichung railway station to CingJing Passenger Service Center: We initially wanted to take the Nantou public bus at Gancheng Bus Station (NT600 per adult to and fro and includes a ticket to Green Green Grassland with discounts for Cing Jing Guest House accomodation) but our minsu advised that there is a mini-bus that can make the transfer so we will do that instead. Cost is NT350 one way per adult with NT100 charge for toddler on lap for 小黑司機 company, departing from Taichung TRA. There are also other bus companies such as 均亞車公司 which charge NT400 one way for departures from Taichung TRA and NT350 one way for departures from Taichung HSR.
  3. Taichung to Tainan and subsequently Yilan: We caved in and rented a car for about SGD500 for 5 full days. Being risk averse, we also paid an extra SGD110 for full protection of liabilities. Note that Taiwan car rentals go by half day blocks so you can tweak your pick up and drop off timing to your advantage. We will pick up the car at Taichung and return it at Taoyuan airport.

These are our hotels for the trip and I will do a review on how baby friendly they are when we’re back:

  1. Taichung (1N):   Plaza Hotel, 中欣商務精品飯店 aka 達欣飯店

We picked this because of its convenient location near the TRA station and its affordable rates. As we will arrive in the evening, we didn’t want to spend a lot on the hotel for the first night. We were very delighted when we found out later on that the pickup point for the mini bus to Cing Jing happens to be right outside this hotel.

2. Cing Jing (2N): Sen Love, 森之戀民宿

We picked this because of the free shuttle buses provided. The price are a little on the higher side but Cing Jing hotels are generally pricier. We are drawn to the facade of this building and hope that it will be a restful stay given that it’s a little more out of the way. Forest retreat anyone?

3. Taichung (1N): Holiday Inn Express

Being Holiday Inn fans, we are drawn to their hotels whenever we travel. Prices are slightly cheaper on weekdays so we opted for this hotel. This hotel is located at Taichung Park so it will be a good base for our toddler to roam around. There is also a self service laundry area chargeable at NT80 wash and NT80 dry that we will likely have to depend on because we want to pack light. This hotel is also within walking distance to Taichung TRA and next to Gancheng Bus Station, which makes it extremely convenient.

4. Tainan (2N): Deely House 

Ok, I have to admit that I planned the Tainan leg because I got drawn to this minsu with slides and ball pit. The room that we booked is in the building with no elevator so all the more important to pack light. But yes I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to see the look on Baby E’s face when we get there!

5. Yilan (3N): Pokara Resort

This one’s for the adults. We were sold when we saw pictures of the building and room. As to how baby friendly it is going to be… I will update you guys when I’m back. Heard there is a pig farm near it too… not sure how it’ll smell!

These are the places we intend to go to… and it’s an ambitious plan:

Day 1: Taoyuan Airport -> Taichung

  1. Miyahara Eye Clinic Cake Shop and Ice Cream Parlor
  2. Zhong Hua Road Night Market
  3. Ziyou Road Shopping District

Day 2: Taichung -> Cing Jing

  1. DIY Wool Sheep Workshop at Cing Jing Guest House
  2. Green Green Grasslands and Sheep Shearing Show
  3. Walking trails

Day 3: Cing Jing

  1. Small Swiss Garden
  2. Butterfly Garden
  3. Green lake scenery at Wushoh Dam
  4. Walking trails

Day 4: Cing Jing -> Taichung

  1. Taichung Park
  2. Jiguang Street Shopping District
  3. Yizhong Night Market

Day 5: Taichung -> Tainan

  1. Anping Old Fort and Street
  2. Wusheng Night Market

Day 6: Tainan

  1. Cow’s Home
  2. Wanpi Zoo
  3. Taiwan Flower Garden Night Market

Day 7: Tainan -> Yilan

  1. Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park
  2. Artspa
  3. Watermelon Bread Bakery

Day 8: Yilan

  1. Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
  2. Jimmy Park
  3. Dongmen Night Market

Day 9: Yilan

  1. Pumpkin Farm
  2. Lucky Art Crayon Factory
  3. Shangri-la Leisure Farm
  4. Yinong Goat Ranch
  5. Luodong Night Market

Day 10: Yilan -> Taoyuan Airport

Was telling the husband that I will probably be depressed when the trip is over… because I had so much fun planning for it. Can’t wait!

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