Our Secret Hideout: Keppel Island

I hesitate to write this post because of the fear that if word gets out, our sacred secret hideout will not be so tranquil anymore. But… good things must share! Here’s where we’ve been heading to every now and then: Keppel Island.

Keppel Island

When we first saw it on the map, we were intrigued and wondered what sort of place it was. When we first went there, we were awestruck by the majestic yachts and scenery. We were appalled at how rich some people are, to be able to afford huge yachts and park them at the harbour in front of their condos like they were parking cars. Of course, we were assuming that the yachts belong to the residents despite the fact that the berths belong to Marina at Keppel Bay.

yachts at keppel bay

Keppel Island is home to Marina at Keppel Bay, which provides marina facilities, restaurants for the rich and famous and a sailing academy. Apart from that, it has pavilions, a jetty at the further end of the island, and lots of greenery. To us, Keppel Island is a great place to bring our kid to because of its tranquility and vast space. It is a place where the kid can run around and we could keep an eye on her easily because it’s not very crowded. It is also a good place to teach the kid vocabulary such as yachts, boats, jetty etc. That said, there are no playgrounds or anything of that sort, so the best activity to do there is probably a picnic. Otherwise the kid may get bored if he or she is used to going to playgrounds. Here are some photos to share:

How to get there:

  1. Walking there: It is actually possible to walk there from Harborfront MRT. Turn left when exiting Harborfront Centre and walk towards the Merrill Lynch Harborfront, continue walking past MLHF and towards the condos, then you should see the turn that has the Keppel Island signage. Walk all the way in and you will reach Keppel Island. A word of warning that it’s probably a 20-30mins walk so bring your strollers if you like.
  2. By bus: This website gives very good instructions on how to go.

Have fun!

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