The Aftermath of HFMD

I thought we would be happy when our kid recovers from HFMD, but never expected HFMD’s effects to be so far-reaching. So in that 10 days when the kid was recovering from HFMD, all routines got thrown out of the window and she ate and slept whenever she wanted, drank only chilled honey water and ate ice cream freely. Sadly, when she recovered, she rejected milk and is still asking for chilled honey water. Without the milk, she’s now asking for bread at all sorts of hours. Midnight, 4am, you name it, we have it. She still has imaginary ulcers. And it’s driving me nuts.

We had a few blissful night when she slept through the night after weaning off milk and we thought “Hey! This must be the secret! We finally eliminated her sleep association with milk and will probably live happily ever after!’ But no, she started to wake up asking for…. Bread… Rice… Muffins. We’re still dealing with this bad habit but meanwhile, the neighbours are probably thinking that we’re starving our kid at 4am in the morning. Well…

On another note, we had insurance that covers HFMD! So our kid has been covered under PA Junior insurance by Sompo Insurance and we approached them to claim on the kid’s HFMD condition… and learnt quite a lot of new stuff. It turns out that if there is no hospitalisation, you can’t claim under Childcare benefit, neither can you claim under their Get Well benefit. Which then made us feel really dumb that we were behaving like responsible citizens who kept the kid out of hospital and tried to handle the situation on our own. And in the end all I got was a call from the underwriter who sounded really rude and gave me a ‘Well, there’s no hospitalisation so I cannot compensate you the Childcare and Get Well benefit. It’s not serious a condition. HFMD is really common. So ok? I pay your medical fees only’. Well, we felt really brushed off and cheated. But serves us right for not reading the small print. Paying close to $200 for this insurance every year when claiming on it is so difficult… well, no thanks. We’re out next year. Thanks for making me feel as though I’m trying to cheat money from your company with your tone. Our little one suffered you know!

And after all this saga, I’m back at work… finally.


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