Guide: Diapers 101 – Diapers Review

Being a busy mum who had no time to research much when my child was born, I was at a loss regarding which diapers to get. We accepted two packs of diapers from our neighbors whose baby had outgrown the sizes, and pondered over why the neighbor had said “But they are Pet Pet brand, do you want them?”. I cannot forget the regret until now. *Cue sad music and lightning and thunder*

So this is a quick guide for busy mums like me who had no time to research.


Stage: Newborn to 6 months old

During this phase, we started out on Pet Pet, Huggies Ultra, Mamy Poko.

What worked best for us: Huggies Ultra

What was the worst: Pet Pet

Pertaining to Pet Pet, there have been mixed reviews from friends. Some say that Pet Pet is cheap and good because the baby poops pretty much every other hour and you’ll be tossing diapers like there’s no tomorrow. For us, Pet Pet couldn’t hold the watery explosive poop and had a 75% rate of leakage. We washed poop-soaked bed linens, clothes and even sofa covers until we wanted to cry. We never figured out whether it was a size issue though, because we started her out with Pet Pet S, and perhaps newborn size might have less side leakage. But if there’s another baby, we’ll never get Pet Pet again during the newborn stage.

What we would have gotten if there’s a next time round: Goon Japan version. Cheap and good, the cost per piece is amazingly low for Goon brand and I regret not knowing this brand until the later stage.



Stage: 6 months old to 24 months old

For this stage, we tried Goon Japan version, Goon Thai version, Huggies Ultra, Mamy Poko Ultra dry, Pampers activepants, Pampers Baby Dry, Moony, Merries, Drypers and yes, Pet Pet again.

What worked best for us: Goon Japan version for day time, and Merries/Moony for night time. (To be fair, Pampers worked too, but we didn’t think it was value for money.)

What was the worst: Drypers. It caused Baby E bad diaper rashes, and she was considered quite diaper tolerant since we could use a variety of diapers on her without issues.

What we would have gotten again the next time round: No regrets here, we’d stick to Goon Japan version in the day and Merries at night. Though we’d also use Mamy Poko japan version in the day if there are good promotions.


Stage: 24months on…

Baby E is at this stage now… and surprisingly, the day diaper that we have switched to is….. *drumroll..* Pet Pet!

Don’t get me wrong. Pet Pet is still horrible in that it leaks! So we do not go out with Pet Pet. She wears her night diapers when we have to go out. But because Baby E is now being toilet trained, we use Pet Pet pants at childcare because we want to encourage her to go to the toilet when she needs to instead of peeing into the diaper. So leakage to us is good because it reminds her that she needs to use the toilet instead.

Hope this helps as a quick and dirty guide to diapers for the busy mummies out there!



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