Guide: Sleep 101 – The Fourth Trimester

Conversation with a classmate recently:

Classmate: Hey you have a baby right?

Me: Yea, why! When is it your turn?

Classmate: I have one already, two months!

Me: Yay! Goooooood luck man!

*long pause*

Classmate blurts out: WHY IS IT THAT THEY DON’T SLEEP!?



That was actually quite amusing. And I guess to busy parents like us, some just don’t have time to research. So let me share what I found out through my limited reading + experience…

The first three months of our babies’ lives is actually considered the “fourth trimester”. In these three months, our babies continue to develop outside of the womb, and are getting used to our time zone. The reason why they sleep in the day and wake at night is because in the day, we are moving around and this lulls them to sleep. At night, when we’re sleeping, they become active because they were sleeping in the day. The first three months is hence their adjustment period.

What would help: Keep your room bright in the day and dim at night, regardless of whether your baby is sleeping in the day and wide awake at night. Bright rooms inhibit melatonin and your child will slowly sleep less in the day.

Word of caution: Do set up a proper sleep routine for your child and if you don’t want your child to be sleeping with you forever,  please move your child out after 6 months (really!). Baby E has been with us for 2 years and cannot sleep alone at all. But we are thankful that after 2 years of waking up at night, she is finally sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!

To the sleep deprived parents out there… IT WILL GET BETTER!


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