Guide: Diapers 201 – Where to get diapers

Update on 30 August 2017: We recently had to get diapers because Baby E still wears diapers when she’s sleeping, and I was amazed by how the online landscape has changed. Qoo10 is no longer the cheapest and during my recent purchase, we ordered from because there was a promotion that reduced the price of Merries XL pants to $20 a pack (38 pieces in each pack). Perhaps because I was looking at the possibility of setting up a shop on Qoo10, I’ve come to realise that Qoo10 charges sellers a range of 8-12% fee on every transaction, which tends to get transferred to consumers. A check on Lazada and Redmart confirmed my suspicions, that these two can be cheaper. So check before you buy!


Baby E is toilet-trained! *Hooray!* I celebrate this milestone by this post, which sheds some light on where we’ve been getting diapers, given that diapers and milk powder are the two biggest outlays of having a young baby.

So where have we been getting diapers? The short answer is: Online.

Why do we get diapers online? Because you get free delivery (usually with minimum spend), and it is easier to compare prices. The following are online shops where you can get diapers:

  1. Qoo10: This is my favorite because of the Live10 Member cart coupon, which entitles you to get $10 off with every $50 spent. Live10 is another app that Qoo10 has, and it used to be called Qtalk. Having these two apps installed on your phone enables you to obtain some savings for your diapers and other needs. At the risk of sounding like an auntie, I also look out for Qoo10 promotions where they have cart coupons of better value and use them to buy my diapers. This is my default go to app when I’m low on diapers.
  2. Redmart: Redmart sometimes have promotions such as buy 2 packs get 10% off, and coupons such as $10 off with $80 spent. We’ve used this to buy diapers and other baby products before, but it’s rare now, because coupons are harder to come by and Qoo10 usually has a better deal.
  3. Lazada: Same thing, Lazada sometimes have promotions with credit cards that enable you to purchase your diapers at a discount. I’ve personally not purchased diapers from them before.
  4. Quite famous among mothers, some buy their diapers from here, and rave about the prices. However, they do not carry Goon which we are crazy about, and Goon is more value for money, especially so when you buy on Qoo10. I have never purchased from Kim Sang before, because prices are more attractive on Qoo10 after coupons are accounted for.
  5. NTUC Online: NTUC does deliver or allow you to buy online and pick up at your nearest store. There are diapers deals at times but we haven’t found anything more attractive than Qoo10. The NTUC physical store sometimes have Purchase with Purchase programs that are quite a decent deal for diapers so I usually keep my eyes peeled whenever I visit.

For those that are worried about getting scammed on Qoo10, the following are tips to follow before you purchase:

  1. Check the rating of the seller and the reviews left by other buyers on the products. Look for the negative comments and ascertain whether they are legitimate.
  2. Check the details of the listing. Is it for a carton of 4 packs? 1 pack alone? For Goon diapers, is it Japanese version or Indonesia version? The latter is cheaper and less absorbent.
  3. Check that the product code that you are selecting is correct. Sending back wrong purchases can be costly. I’ve ended up keeping wrong purchases (not diapers of course) because sending it back would have cost much more.
  4. Know your rights. If the seller sends you the wrong product or damaged goods, you can complain and ask for refund. Seller has to pay the shipping in such instances. Do not click on the ‘Confirm Delivery’ button because that releases funds to the seller!

All these may sound very auntie, but I do get a sense of satisfaction securing good deals for diapers. 1 cent saved = 1 cent more for the kid’s education!

These are the lowest per piece rates that I managed to get for diapers:

Goon S: 18 cents

Goon M: 23 cents

Goon L/ Mamy Poko L: 28cents

All the best sourcing for the best deals, fellow Mummies (and Daddies)!


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