Guide: Diapers Masters Class – How to save on diapers

Probably the last of the series on diapers unless anyone has specific questions that needs to be addressed… So from the beginning till the end, the question in our minds was always: How do we save on diapers given it’s such a huge outlay.

This is what we did:

1. Take advantage of coupons on Qoo10 app, and buy diapers with carton deals.

2. Use diapers that are cheaper per piece without sacrificing on quality. Our preferred brand is Goon Japanese version. They have a thai version that’s even cheaper but they’re not very absorbent and Baby E gets diaper rash from them.

3. Use diapers that have larger cutting so that we don’t have to change to a larger size so quickly. There are more pieces per pack for S compared to M and more for M compared to L. Hence we try to use brands with big cutting. Goon and Merries are two brands with big cuttings, while Drypers and Pet Pet have small cutting. While Drypers and Pet Pet may be cheaper, the cost may even out because you may need a M for Drypers and Pet Pet and just an S for Goon or Merries. Baby E just graduated to size L before she got toilet trained so we got a lot of savings sticking with M.

4. If you are having problems with overnight leakage, you can consider either using a larger size for night time, or a better brand at night and cheaper brand in the day.

5. If your child goes to childcare or infantcare, you can consider using a cheaper day diaper because they change diapers every 2-3 hours. Hence the diaper doesn’t need to hold a lot of pee, just needs to be absorbent enough such that your little one doesn’t get diaper rash.

6. A lot of diapers company offer free samples so get these samples to try instead of buying a pack and finding out that it doesn’t suit your little one.

A really auntie post, but ya… the realities of life.


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