Guide: Diapers 301 – Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

At the beginning, I opted for cloth diapers because the environmentalist in me cringes at the thought of disposable diapers clogging up landfills. I went ahead to buy a set of 12 cloth diapers on Qoo10 despite my colleagues’ kind advice to just use disposable diapers and was very excited to receive those cute little cloth diapers with cheery designs. I even bought those with bamboo charcoal linings (whatever they are)!

Cloth Diapering:

1. You save the landfill.
2. It’s cheaper. $100 is approximately 5 packs of disposable diapers, and I’ve already lost count of how many packs the kid had been through before she got toilet trained.
3. The designs are really cute. hahaha

1. You probably need more than 12 unless you don’t mind washing every other day or every day.
2. Even if you get more, you need to do a wash on every third day because keeping those stained diapers for more than 3 days may result in mold growing on them.
3. You probably will still need to use disposables for the first two months until the poop machine slows down (or you can get more cloth diapers and wash them frequently, anyway breast fed babies’ poop can dissolve in water. Sounds a little yucky but some do toss it into the washing machine with poop).
3. You will use a lot of electricity and water if you wash them in the washing machine. In the end I don’t know whether the cost savings are so substantial.
4. It takes up a lot of time to wash and dry. Without a helper, full time working mothers are unlikely able to do this.
5. It absorbs but doesn’t give the kid the dry feeling. My kid wanted a diaper change EVERY SINGLE TIME she peed. It was back breaking for us.

Essentials to prepare if you should opt for cloth diapering:
1. 10- 12 cloth diapers
2. Covered pail or container for soiled diapers
3. Diaper liners to catch some of the poop so that it’s easier to clear (Pigeon and Tollyjoy has them. Not sure of other brands because I didn’t cloth diaper for very long)
4. Nappy rash cream that is cloth diaper safe. (Again, the only one I know of is california baby’s because I didn’t cloth diaper for too long)
5. Wetbags to contain soiled nappies when you are outside

Disposable Diapers:

1. Time-saving! Just wrap up and toss. (You are supposed to clear the poop and flush it down the toilet bowl ya… just saying this as a good global citizen. Though I don’t know how many parents really do this)
2. Convenient when you are outside because there is no need to lug around soiled diapers with you. Just toss after use.
3. Keeps baby dry for a longer time so you change less diapers relatively.

1. OMG the cost of it is high
2. Bulky if you take advantage of carton deals like I do. Our cupboards are always full of diapers.
3. Heart pain whenever the kid poops right after you changed his/her diapers

Essentials to prepare if you should opt for disposable diapers:
1. Space to store diapers
2. $$$

Cloth diapering vs disposable diapering is a personal choice. For us we switched to disposable diapers after using the cloth diapers for a week because we simply couldn’t cope with the laundry load. At the beginning the kid runs through a lot of clothes in one day (puke, poop, milk stains, and whatever you can imagine) so we simply couldn’t cope. Later on when I returned to work there was no time to do the washing as well. We were thankful to just get sleep. We did try to cloth diaper at my parents’ place but the kid demanded a change with each pee so we couldn’t cope too.

What are you going to choose? Cloth diapering or disposables?


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