Guide: Essentials 201 – Baby Items Checklist

This post includes a list of the items that we got for our baby before she was born. It’s similar to many of the lists that you can get on the web just by googling. The only difference here is that I’m going to indicate on the list which items we actually never used.

For sleep: 
1. Baby cot
2. Bed sheet
3. Blankets
4. Bumpers for cot

5. Mattress
6. Waterproof mattress sheets
Out of these, blankets and bumpers were actually not required. In fact, they introduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). We also stopped using the waterproof mattress sheets after awhile due to the realisation that it was really warm if you lay on it for awhile. These sheets are now being used as a changing surface after her shower. They keep her warm while preventing the bed from getting wet.

For feeding: 
1. Steam Sterilizer
2. Baby Accessories and bottle cleanser
3. Bottle Brush
4. Bottle Tongs
5. Milk bottles
6. Pacifier
Out of these, we didn’t have any use for pacifier because the kid didn’t take to it. I was also hesitant about introducing pacifier due to worries over nipple confusion so I might have done it too late.

If nursing: 
1. Breast Milk Pump and its equipment
2. Nipple cream
3. Breast pads
4. Breast milk storage bottles/bags
5. Breast milk cooler bag (if you intend to pump outside)
6. Nursing bras
Out of these, we used everything, but if you want to save money, you can actually just use nipple cream samples collected during baby fairs and hospital tours. I hardly used my tube and only needed them during the hospital stay after giving birth.

1. Diapers (Cloth or Disposable)
2. Baby Wipes
3. Nappy liners (if you opt for cloth diapers)
4. Nappy rash cream (Tip: We used Avene water in the beginning and were amazed at how good it was at keeping her rash free)
We used everything, but for nappy liners we had a lot left because we switch to disposable diapers.

1. Bath Tub (One came back with the baby when we got discharged from hospital so check before buying)
2. Baby Head to Toe wash
3. Bath Towels
4. Wash cloth
5. Cotton wool/balls
6. Baby moisturizer
7. Baby powder
8. Yu Yee Oil
9. Baby brush
10. Changing mat
Of these, we never used the baby brush (things were so hectic that we never really brushed the baby’s hair. Anyway she had so little hair). Neither did we use the baby powder or cotton balls.

Baby care: 
1. Nail clipper
2. Nose cleaner
3. Fever plasters
4. Thermometer – The infrared kind works better than the traditional type because they simply move too much later on.
We never used the nose cleaner even when she was sick. It was just easier to use our mouth to suck it out (ok gross i know). So those have been white elephants at home. Notice I used plural! We were dumb enough to get another one at the clinic when she was sick because our Mothercare brand one wasn’t easy to use. The kid refused to let us go anywhere near her with the NUK one so result was the same – white elephant. We never got to use the fever plasters after Baby E got older because she kept pulling them off her forehead.

1. Baby carrier
2. Baby Stroller
3. Diaper bag
4. Travel changing mat
5. Feeding set – can be purchased later on
6. Baby clothing, bibs, mittens, socks etc
Of these, we hardly used the diaper bag and evolved into carrying everything using a normal backpack instead. The stroller is also rarely used because we prefer to baby carry. It’s faster to travel with that. We also regretted buying a stroller so early because we hardly go out in the early days.
7. Baby laundry detergent. We did use one bottle of this before switching to the normal detergent we use for adults.

So in conclusion, those baby checklists that you see out there (particularly those provided by stores) actually have a lot of excess items that you may not need. So buyers beware! Of course, every parent is different so some may have needed those items that I didn’t need.


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