Entertainment Review: An Afternoon in Wonderland

~Warning: This post contains spoilers~ 

“Long Live the Queen! Ka-ka-ka!”

Was very excited to win free passes to Andsoforth’s Wonderland play via the Bumblebee Mum‘s giveaway because I had been thinking of buying tickets but the hubs thinks that Baby E is too young for it. She was indeed a little overwhelmed initially because it was the first time she came across actors with painted faces but warmed up later on. She ended up chanting the above phrase for the rest of the day… and I was very glad that her chosen phrase was not ‘Off with her head!’.


Initial Impression

Despite the organizer’s email telling us that this was held at GS Building, a warehouse space transformed into a makeshift theatre, I was still taken aback when our Grab driver dropped us off. The building looked like a typical worn-out warehouse and I started imagining a fire breaking out and all of us running for our lives. Quelling the paranoid mummy fear in me, we proceeded towards the right side of the building as instructed.

An A4 size picture of the Wonderland play was pasted at the doorway, directing us upstairs. It was quite a climb up the stairs because I was babywearing Baby E and she’s of a considerable weight now. The following was what greeted us at the top of the stairs:




“You know, it’s not always necessary to match your socks. Sometimes it’s fun to not match them.”

What struck me about this show is that it intrigued my inner child. It was pretty hilarious for the childcare teachers when I turned up with mismatched socks picking Baby E up and then dressing her in mismatched socks. But that really added to the fun! There were separate entrances for the adults and children and I imagined the child entrance being a rabbit hole (but I’ve got no means of knowing because I’m not a child. And Baby E was glued to me by then because she was overwhelmed by these strange characters so I can’t ask her either.)


There were songs and dances and lots of laughter and towards the end Baby E was totally immersed in it. She started to move around on her own and even refused to leave after that. I was also very amused by the scene where the caterpillar stole Mad Hatter’s food and later presented it to the Queen as tribute because I saw the parallel between corporate life and the story. Couldn’t stop laughing at that.

As you can see in the picture, we were seated pretty far back because my appointment ended late and we barely made it in time for the show. We still enjoyed ourselves regardless. The actors moved around so we still got a pretty good view of what was going on.



If I had to spend $28 per person for the show, is it worth it? 

I found the 45min show a little too short but it was probably because kids have a short attention span and anything too long might result in them losing attention. But I still thought that 1 hour might have been a better duration for the show. It took us 30mins to get to the location by cab, and will probably take us more than an hour to get there by public transport due to the bus transfer and walk involved. Travelling there for a 45min show was a little counter-intuitive to me but that’s my pragmatic adult self talking.

Looking at it through the eyes of a kid, I’d say it was a totally intriguing and fun experience. I felt like I was in a dream and half the time I was quite afraid of the queen pointing at me and saying ‘OFF WITH HER HEAD!’  So yes, I’ll probably pay to watch future shows when Baby E is older and better able to interact with the actors!


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