Our Short JB Staycation: Legoland + Doubletree at Hilton

I know… this post is loooooong overdue! It’s been on my mind for very long but I’ve been really busy with work and all.

So! We had a staycation at Johor Bahru earlier this month with our 34months old toddler. It’s amazing how our luggage continues to shrink as she grows older. Gone are the days when we brought an entire luggage full of sterilizer, diapers, milk bottles, milk powder, extra clothes etc. This time round, we only brought along 2 backpacks and survived the trip. That said, we noticed something different with our toddler this time round. She started to become homesick! This was counter-intuitive because she has been travelling with us since she was 16 months old, and this is her fifth holiday abroad. Yet at night she was BEGGING me to bring her home. =(  Co-sleeping with her also became harder because she’s taller but continues her ‘turning at 360 degrees while sleeping’ habit. The hubs and I really suffered this time round.

Anyway, reviews!

Doubletree@Hilton, Johor Bahru

This was our second stay there, having stayed there in May for a staycation. In May when we went there, we were wow-ed by the chocolate cookie they gave us upon check-in. That is still really really nice and it took all my resolve to refrain from buying a tin. What changed:

  1. They installed a kids corner! It was a godsend because it was raining all afternoon when we arrived and we couldn’t head out. This entertained the kid for the afternoon. Caveat: Bring an insect repellant patch because they had mosquitos in the cafe that this is located in. We were bitten like crazy at the cafe but were thankfully ok here. But just bring repellant in case you need it.
  2. Amari Johor started accepting bookings! In case you’re wondering, that’s the spanking new hotel located right in front of Komtar JB shopping center. Location is much better and they’re offering free breakfast for now. It seemed like much better value for money but hey, Hilton is a big name while Amari isn’t.. So it’s really up to individuals.

What we liked about the place: Really amazing welcome cookies, well-equipped kids corner and good service.

What parents need to take note about the place:

  1. The beds are a bit high so with our toddler being so mobile we had to be careful the she doesn’t fall right off or hit the corners of the side tables while trying to get off the bed.
  2. The glass doors are really clean and shiny. Our toddler tried to walk through because at her height it looked like there wasn’t any glass. She bounced off of course… =(



I think everyone is familiar with Legoland and probably went already. Just to share that our toddler of 34months and 87cm height was unable to take part in most of the activities or rides so we were a little bummed out. But yes, our toddler is a little short for her age,  coz her parents are short. haha…

Good tips to know: OMG grab rides there only cost 17ringgit from Doubletree@Hilton. We used Burger King’s wifi to get another grab ride back. Cheapest overseas taxi ride we’ve ever had in our lives!


Ok signing out~~~~~


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