Review: Tollyjoy Diaper Pants

Ok I am absolutely horrible. Zero posts in Dec! Was really busy with my new job + buying Xmas gifts and all. The kid had a change in teacher because in Dec they always swap teachers for the different classes so she has been really cranky. Long story short, lots to share and no time to post at all.


So, we used Tollyjoy diaper pants recently. It was the first time we came across Tollyjoy branded diapers. I always thought they only do detergents and bottles etc! Got them at $10.95 on Redmart and they were having a 1 for 1 promotion so it was really cheap at 25cents a piece of XL size diaper. Good deal! But was it really good?

Absorbency: 4/5 – It’s actually really difficult to give a fair rating for this because the kid suddenly weaned off milk and we have no need for heavy duty night diapers like Merries anymore. But with a pinch of salt, this seemed ok even on nights she drank more water than usual.

Softness: 2/5 – This was what I had most issues with. The kid complained of itchiness at the waist band whenever she wears it overnight so we use this only at nap time (for context: our kid is toilet trained and only wears diapers when sleeping). The material definitely is not as soft as Merries/Goon/Mamy Poko.

Design: Ok, it’s definitely not as cute as other diapers but I’m not particular about design.

All in all, would say that it’s cheap when on promotions but if you’re buying them at the full price of $10.95 for a pack of 20pieces (XL size), it’s better to get other brands like Mamy Poko. This is good for short wear but really not so great for long duration because of the rough texture of the waist band and overall product.

Just my 2 cents worth!

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