3 years old!

The kid turned 3 last week! Time really flies. Was carrying her out of the bathroom after her shower when it struck me that it’s been almost 3 years since I nearly hit her head against the doorframe while carrying her out of the shower for the first time on my own (Yes, klutzy mother I am).

The past 3 years has been a whirlwind of activity. Being a working mum, I’ve had my fair share of feelings of guilt of being not fully present at times, and feelings of despair when struggling to juggle both work and family. But yes, we’ve survived till today!

And oh I must say this: So proud of myself for holding it in when the hubs wiped the kid after she pooped and I found poop stains in her undies later on. It took a lot of discipline to practise what I said on this blog quite a while back, that if your hubs is taking care of the kid, don’t criticise or comment unless your kid’s life is in danger. *pat on my back* haha…

Lastly, can’t resist sharing this lifehack that I found lately. The kid has been madly attracted to Playdoh after her school introduced her to it in the recent months. Her birthday gift was an ice cream playdoh set but the mess it made was really annoying. On one hand it was very convenient to give her playdoh and enjoy the peace, on the other hand, it felt that I was paying for it in full when cleaning up afterwards. So what was the lifehack I discovered? – Mahjong paper is so useful!



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