Making educational toys with bottle caps

Bottle Cap ABCs

Closer friends would know that I’ve been collecting bottle caps. Finally, I’ve amassed 26 of them! And this is what happened to them! ABC activity caps! The kid loves it and enjoys searching for the alphabet that I call out. My next quest is to amass another 26 for the lower case alphabets. =D

Lots of updates are in order since it’s been a few months since I’ve posted. Firstly, The Curious Learner has been closed down… =( I was struggling with managing the business while juggling a full time job and making time for my kid. The business wasn’t really making income so a wise friend advised me to close it. It was a painful decision because I’ve spent months designing the website and systems, but I was plain struggling.  The website is still up until July (because I cannot bear to close it), but it’s no longer taking orders or selling books. Have moved the books to so those who are looking for storybooks at low price can go there to browse.

Next, I’ve un-published the Facebook page of The Crazy Mummy because I wanted to make the blog more private (so that I can truly write my thoughts). Previously, I wanted to write a lot of stuff, but could not because the husband and a lot of people were following the Facebook page and would be alerted whenever I posted. But now, I can be myself! Hooray!

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