Our Secret Hideout: Keppel Island

Wondering where to go with the kid over the weekend? Here’s a place to connect with nature without the pesky mosquitos and huge crowds!

Guide: Infant Care and Child Care 101 – What to do

Thinking of putting your child in infant care or child care but feeling lost? This article is for you. When our child was conceived, we intended for my mother in law to be the main caregiver during office hours. Hence, we did not do research on infant care. However, when Baby E was born, it…

The Fragility of Life

Was at SGH to visit my close friend’s mum when I walked the wrong way and got to the maternity wards on the same floor instead. It was a joy to see newborn babies and it reminded me of our joy 2+ years ago. However, it was also a stark contrast to what I saw…

Conversation with the kid: Episode 2

At Best Denki:   2 year old Baby E walking down the aisle calling out the names of various household items “Washing Machine! Refrigerator! Vacuum Cleaner! Fan!” Me, walking behind her proudly… until… MINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Lessons learnt from our Taiwan trip with our toddler

In the last of this trilogy, I shall share the lessons learnt travelling with a toddler in Taiwan. As the trip was the longest we’ve ever taken with our toddler (10days), it was very eventful. Lessons that apply to Taiwan specifically: 1. They have no moneychangers! We initially thought we could find one at the…